First ever metal concert: Amon Amarth

I will always remember my first ever metal concert, it was Amon Amarth at Ancienne Belgique. This concert was so epic, it was like Christmas but sooner.


  1. Father of the Wolf
  2. Deceiver of the Gods
  3. Death in Fire
  4. Free Will Sacrifice
  5. As Loke Falls
  6. Guardians of Asgaard
  7. Shape Shifter
  8. Warriors of the North
  9. Runes to My Memory
  10. Varyags of Miklagaard
  11. The Last Stand of Frej
  12. Destroyer of the Universe
  13. Cry of the Black Birds
  14. War of the Gods
  15. Twilight of the Thunder God
  16. The Pursuit of Vikings

Pictures by PixbyKryz


Like everyday I was surfing on the Internet when I found this:

RUIN – Teaser Trailer

Like you can see, it speaks for itself. This teaser trailer for the short-film RUIN from the studio OddBall Animation is absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring. About the techniques, I think the rendering is very good but, there are some weird animations for the character. The editing and the music is also very good. Especially the music. You know that I’m a huge fan of soundtracks and everything that sounds epic. It was composed by Kevin Riepl who worked on Gears of War.

The short-film has been already released on the Internet, on Vimeo specifically. So, if you liked the teaser, I’ll let you enjoy it!

RUIN – An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe 

RUIN Soundtrack

Official Website

Louder Than Words

I told you I was going to write about music and to begin, let’s talk about Les Friction. It is a new band born from the ashes of E.S. Posthumus who are known for their cues used into motion picture advertising (e.g. Sherlock Holmes).

Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus

In 2010, Franz Vonlichten died and the future of E.S. Posthumus was compromised but his brother, Helmut Vonlichten, who also worked with E.S. Posthumus, wanted to continue composing but with a new band. This band is Les Friction. The music is very similar to what E.S. Posthumus did but this time, with singers. I won’t do a review of their first album, I just want to talk you about them and encourage you to buy the album.

Official website
Official Facebook
More information about them on Wikipedia

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Blablablabla… This is my blog. I will write about many subjects, not limited to geek stuff. You will read posts about music, pictures, movies, etc. Besides that, you will be able to see all the projects I did. Some were done for college, others for my own use and the last ones for business.

And to begin, I would like to talk about a new band called Les Friction. Born out of the ashes of E.S. Posthumus. Here is a sample of their song “Louder Than Words”, I think that it suits this first post well.

Enjoy !